So day 5 back from bali and reality doesn’t have any time to sink in, its thrown straight back in my face, with a bigger sting. Straight Back to work and study ,without a breath to spare is always going to be  tough after spending 2 weeks in a tropical paradise.

My first leg of the trip was spent smack bang in the middle of  mayhem. Kuta alway seems to put a smile on my face, especially when your eating at the best Italian restaurant around watching 10ft off-shore waves roll in. My two only thought’s are whether to get a hot stone massage or to go for a surf? mind boggling, I know !!

Second leg of the trip was spent two and  a half hours north-west of Kuta in a small coastal town called Balian. It felt good to get away from kuta for a couple of days. Being peak season and one of the few places that was holding the massive swell.

So the last leg of the trip which was at Sanur, beautiful Sanur, one of  my more preferred places to stay in bali. Again, its a bit more quieter than Kuta but offers everything Kuta has, maybe even more. Jet ski’s, golden sand and friendly locals. Perfect !!

So here’s a couple of snaps from the trip..Enjoy

1. Snubbie

2. Kuta Beach Empty

3. Rain Drop (B/W)

4. Jellyfish

5. Baby Calf

6. Coco

7. Love

8. Balian Sunset

9. Nama saya yeah?

10. Lul

11. Balian Beach Shack

12. Football Fever

13. Transport

14. Mother


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