I recently broke my wrist and foot coming of a skateboard and have been out of action for over 3 months which meant me spending almost all that of that time at home and for my lifestyle was pretty hard at first not being active or just being able to do all the small things in life that we most defiantly take for granted anyways after months of being home bound I needed to get away for a day so me and a couple friends decided to throw the wheelchair in the car and hike it up to the Springbrook National Parks, It felt pretty good having my baby (camera) back in my arms again haha I did managed to get a couple of snaps along the way.

1. Kookaburra in full flight with a red belly black snake in its grasp

2. This was foggy entrance to the highest lookout along the ranges

3. The walk to the lookout was amazing, mist everywhere with light leaking through in all directions

4. My official wheelchair pusher striking a pose.

5. Everything along the walk was covered in green moss, It was at this same tree about 5 mins before this shot was taken one of my friends slipped and twisted his knee and with the pain and the high altitude he actually fainted for a few minutes which was a pretty crazy experience nursing him back to reality

6. A impressive lookout indeed, the photo doesn’t do the view justice given the scale

Bali Benson

7. The View, You can see the gold coast just poking out behind the ranges

Bali Benson

8. Black and white version always go’s down smooth

9. Light!


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