My new hobby making terrariums! they are easy to maintain (if the right plants are used) they look great and are cheap to make.
The definition of a terrariums is a sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown.
I’ve  always had a bit of a green thumb and on a recent trip to melbourne I stummbled upon some terrariums and knew that I had to try and recreate them in some way and these are my efforts..

1) Jam Jar Terrariums
Terrorforming Terrarium
2) Moss and Sedum Succulent
3) Moss and Succulent
Bali Benson
4) Flower Vase Terrariums
Bali Benson
5) Top image is a Cactus with Portulacaria afra (Jade Plant) – Bottom image is a Sedum Succulent with moss
Bali Benson
6) Oversized wine glass with Moss, Succulents and a Echeveria (Black Night plant)
Bali Benson
7) Large jar with succulent and rocks
Bali Benson
8) Couple of extra cactuses I have left over for future terrariums
Bali Benson


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