Bali² – 2013

Bali just gets better and better every year, definitely have to say that this particular trip was one of my personal favorites.
So many amazing experiences, I got engaged, met some new hombres, surfed some awesome waves, drank way to many bingtangs and ate out like a king also got a shit load of photos.


1) This is Bagus a cheeky Balinese boy from our homestay.

2) And his brother Baguus.

3) This is Robert, I saved him from the pool and he didn’t want to leave my side after that, besides from the photo-shoot.

4) Cheeky Flowers.

5) Macro Seaweed.


6) Local Fisherman.
_DSC0410 copy

7) Awesome Coral Pattern.

8) Tilt-shift shot from the plane.

9) Another shot from the plane.

10) Kuta beach sunset.

11) Mexican.

12) Balangan.

13) Arch.

14) 4 to 5 people on a bike is definitely pretty common.

15) The ol ball and chain

16) Offering.

17) One love.

19) Babymumma.

20) Heavy load.

21) Rice Farmer.

22) Birds eye.

23) Working for the man.

24) Snail.

25) Uluwatu.

26) Fitted.

27) No doubt.

28) Balangan Boats.

29) Balangan Boats 2.

30) Balangan sunset.

31) Kuta cowboys.

32) Rooftop garden.


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